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Trust Egypt for quality systems TEQ. The company was established in 2015 for the development of quality infrastructure. By providing calibration and measurement services. Factories and companies. And various entities in Africa and the Middle East. In addition to the support and development of quality systems and provide assistance and technical support for various quality certifications and to provide training and skills development for individuals and institutions in regard to quality systems.

Quality Policy

Management of Trust Egypt TEQ is committed to the quality of services provided to customers and Implementation of Good professional practice. The company also confirms its commitment to provide calibration services according to the requirements of quality management systems specification and standard specification ISO 17025 and ISO 9001 standard technical specifications and requirements of our customers and do continuous improvement within the company’s quality management system through the review and developed continuously.
Trust Egypt TEQ is committed to manage its services through meet all the requirements and suggestions of our customers with the highest level of trust and provide accurate results and with the reliability and are compatible with the International System of Units SI Units.
The company is committed to train and sensitize all staff and employees continually to support and improve their knowledge and develop their technical skills for helping to distinguish the company and confirms the company’s management. Full commitment to guiding staff. And specialists works of calibration. Responsibility for the application of quality targets and implement the company’s quality management, policies and procedures documented in all business system.
The company is committed to continuous improvement of the services provided, such as calibration, training programs and counseling services through keep up with the latest technical requirements. And legislation and technical decisions. In the field of quality to meet the expectations of our customers.


to become the first name in the field of quality and calibration in Egypt and the Middle East and Africa, with world-class


to providing Best global service in the field of quality and calibration and upgrading industry in Egypt and the Middle East and Africa by providing and dissemination. A culture of quality. And put it on the world map