Accurate measuring devices improve product quality.
Accurate results and reliability of matching international system of units SI Units
Latest and most accurate calibration and measurement devices

Integrated services with regard to quality and calibration

TEQ will help you in your organization in the field of consultancy and training to get a different quality certificates. And provide calibration services with the latest devices and global standards and best expertise. And personnel training and development of skills in the field of quality


 (calibration services)

Quality consultancy

(quality certificates consultancy)


 (Train employees In whatever related to quality)


(TEQ Special annual Programs)

Best calibration services. For different laboratories

with the latest devices and global standards and best expertise

Why Trust Egypt (TEQ)

– Modern laboratories compatible with the requirements of international standards in terms of processing location and working environment.
– The latest high-precision reference devices for calibration and operated by specialists.
– Specialized training courses for workers on an ongoing basis.
– To cooperate with international bodies to find out what’s new in the world of calibration and quality.
– Continuous improvement of the performance to improve the quality of service provided beyond customer expectations.
– Procedures and methods of calibration are in accordance with the latest international technical specifications.
– A timetable for the calibration of reference devices periodically check with the longitudinal measurement to the global system of units SI.
– We have procedures for safe handling, transport, use and storage devices.
– Maintaining the confidentiality of data and customer information.

What is quality?

  • the oldest standard of measurement of mass that can be traced is the bega, a unit of mass used in Egypt in 7000 to 8000 B.C. it is believed that the weights were probably seeds, beans or grains See More

    History of metrology
  • The ISO 9000 family of standards represents an international consensus on good quality management practices. It consists of standards and guidelines related to quality management systems (QMS) and supporting standards. See More

    The ISO 9000 family
  • A quick Internet search will provide you with an interesting insight into the meaning of quality. For the Oxford English Dictionary, for example, quality is “the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something” See More

    What is quality?